The Shakespeare Pub Sheffield

Ciders & Perries

Ciders and Perries at the Shakespeare Pub Sheffield

Ciders & Perries

Come and have a look at the board to see our current crop of Real Ciders. We normally have at least two available, but sometimes three or four! Along with our sparkling scrumpy and selection of bottled ciders and perries, the apple (and pear) lover will have plenty to choose from.

Pheasant Plucker

Sparkling scumpy with a tongue-twister name! We wont be offended if you get it wrong! £2.90/pint

Orchard Pig, Somerset

Deliciously crisp, this medium cider tastes of the Somerset orchard it came from and will leave you wanting more! £3.00/pint

Valley Gold
Pure North, Holmfirth

Valley gold is a still medium cider single filtered to leave a deep gold colour with strong apple flavours. £3.30/pint

Malvern Magic, Heredfordshire

This strong dry cider comes from a tiny press in the heart of Herefordshire. £3.30/pint