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Continental Lagers

Continental Lagers at the Shakespeare Pub Sheffield

Continental Lagers

We have a wide range of continental lagers and fruit beers, plus a guest line which will showcase the best in rarer and more interesting beers and lagers from around the world. We also serve Guinness on draught at £3.30/pint. Please see the list below to see what we have on offer.

Becks Vier

Becks Vier is our house lager, and is an imported German Pilsner.  Produced in accordance to the Reiheinsgebot purity law ensuring only pure water, malted barley, hops and yeast are used to produce a clean, crisp refreshing lager. £3.00/pint


A crisp, complex and refreshing taste, the Löwenbräu is a classic beer with a heritage dating back to 1383. The Löwenbräu Original is a sweeter style of lager with a lingering aftertaste to be savoured. The literal translation is 'Lion's Brew', £3.30/pint


Classic German Pilsner from the Rhineland region.  Light, aromatic and clean tasting leading to a sweet maltiness before a dry hoppy finish.  £3.40/pint

Belle Vue Kriek

Traditional Belgian lambic kriek (cherry beer).  Sweet on the taste with a tarte finish served with a rather profound frothy head. Bright red in colour, £1.95/half pint.

Franziskaner Hefeweissen

German cloudy wheat beer (Hefeweissen) from Spaten.  A gentle blend of spice with a subtle fruity palate leading to a bitter finish.  £3.70/pint

Anchor Bock
Anchor, San Fransico

"The dark satiny texture of Anchor Bock®, with its rich hints of chocolate, caramel and roasted barley, is our interpretation of the strong German beers that signal the coming of spring.

Anchor Bock® Beer is brewed from a complex blend of malts, and fresh, whole-cone hops. In the ancient bock tradition, the dark-colored brew is released in time for springtime celebrations. Bock beers are believed to have originated in the town of Einbeck, Germany and traditionally feature a goat on their labels. The term, “bock” occurs in several Germanic languages and roughly translates to “billy goat”, but there are some unlikely alternatives. Followers of the zodiac have described it as a beer for Capricorn, the time when, as the days grow longer, brewers brew their bock beers in anticipation of the coming of spring."

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Anchor, San Francisco

A German style dark lager, malty and sweet with a good drinkability despite its relitivelty high strength. £4.60 a pint,